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Tools of the Trade: Knives and Sharpening

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Kolrosing Tools
Kolrosing is the Scandinavian art form of creating fine line decoration on wood. The design is cut into the wood with a special knife. Once the pattern is complete, dry coffee is rubbed into the cuts. The results are striking. This art form can be easily combined with chip carving to produce some outstanding creations. The knife and DVD (along with some finely ground coffee) are all you need to get started.

Kolrosing Knife. This is the knife featured in the Kolrosing DVD and the only tool you will need. Knife comes honed and ready to use. Occasional touchup on a strop is all the maintenance that is required

Item 4001: Kolrosing Knife31.95 each
Item 4002: Kolrosing DVD (see DVD section)24.95 each
Item 4003: Kolrosing Knife and DVD51.95 each